Tarot decks come in different forms, but the standard Tarot deck contains 78 cards.  These comprise the Major Arcana consisting of 22 cards, and the Minor Arcana consisting of 56 cards.

Major Arcana

The major Arcana consist of 22 cards that relate to the major ups and downs of your life.

Each card contains a name and a number from 0 to 21. The names represent, major influences, people, and astronomical bodies such as the moon. They give extra significance in a Tarot reading and show major motifs and situations you are going through. They show our stages of growth and the lessons we are to learn throughout life.

Tarot Card Face Up

0 – The Fool: The start of your journey for understanding and intelligence.

1 – The Magician: Gaining intelligence through doing.

2- The High Priestess: The female (right) side of your brain.

3- The Empress: The capability to accept ego and know it has become a teacher to save yourself, from yourself – being able to think on your feet, and still having loving goal.

4- The Emperor: Not letting ego be your first conclusion builder and knowing that your soul is the only thing you will always have with you (too left brained).

5- The Hierophant: Striking balance between ego and soul. Realizing you don’t have to fix it all the time, you don’t always have to get in the way, but you can help out and show, others how to live by how you live your life.

6- The Lovers: Not necessarily a significant other but knowing that you need love in your life as a primary.

7- The Chariot: Understanding you have ramifications for everything you do, and not letting your romantic and lustful desires/ or fake bluster be the way you lead your life.

8- Strength: Remembering to be a fighter not a complainer or .. heading towards life openly and staying strong despite the bad things that come your way.

9- The Hermit: Recognizing that sometimes there is a need for isolation, because it can help you remember your dreams and goals that you really wanted.

10- The Wheel of Fortune: The truest thing in life is Fortune and abundance can change on a dime, so it’s important to always be appreciative for what you have.

11- Justice: What you do has a direct effect on what you get back.

12- The Hanged Man: It’s better to challenge the bad influences in your life and let them be guide you to doing right than to let them lead you astray.

13- Death: New beginnings, metamorphosis.

14- Temperance: Endurance and perseverance for what you want.

15- The Devil: Choosing the easy way or being selfish instead of what is right.

16- The Tower: Be modest and grateful for what you have as well as what is possible for your And if you get what you want in life don’t forget you are lucky to have it and are grateful that you received it.

17- The Star: To see the stars you must know there needs to be darkness, and in order to see the light there must be lightness.

18- The Moon: Male energy, being the best male you can.

19- The Sun: Seeking balance between night and Be bright, helpful, encouraging life to proliferate by how you show yourself to everyone around you.

20- Judgement: Accountability for the past.

21- The World: Be knowledgeable of yourself the world around Face Down.

Tarot Card Face Down

0 – The Fool: Acting without thought, hasty decisions, idiocy.

1- The Magician: uncertainty, disorientation, unable to make decisions.

2- The High Priestess: problems because you haven’t looked ahead at the Suppression of the female side and not wanting to listen to your feelings.

3- The Empress: lack of fortune, accomplishment and Creative blockages.

4- The Emperor: not wanting someone above you telling you what to do, being childish, and unable to make.

5- The Hierophant: getting bad advice and giving bad first.

6- The Lovers: dishonesty, inconsistency, and not being faithful with each other, unable to make.

7- The Chariot: someone who is jealous, wants what others have, and doesn’t care about others feelings.

8- Strength: lack of self-control, feelings of despair and insufficiency.

9 – The Hermit: childishness, not wanting help, keeping bad habits.

10 – Wheel of Fortune: bad luck, fighting change, having predicaments.

11 – Justice: discrimination, unfairness, prejudice, put off judgement.

12 – The Hanged Man: misfortune, not wanting obligations, self-obsession, not able to move forward.

13 – Death: not wanting to confront being scared of change.  Having mental or physical tiredness.

14- Temperance: flighty with bad common.

15- The Devil: evil, abuse of power, overwhelming desire for more.

16- The Tower: adversity, someone who feels like they are in prison, uncontrollable.

17- The Star: doesn’t feel good about self, doesn’t like change.

18- The Moon: secretive and dishonest, prefers daydreams to reality, lies so much believes them.

19 – The Sun: broken contract, engagement, Unable to learn, can’t do anything right, all over the place/frantic.

20- Judgment: inactivity, can’t make decisions, fear of change.

21- The World: accomplishment being held up, disappointment, reluctance to go ahead.


Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana are 56 cards that represent people, occurrences, feelings and chances we go through on a day to day basis. They come in four different suits, wands, cups, pentacles, and swords. And they have four court cards, a page, a knight, a queen, and a king.  Each suit starts with an ace and goes to ten before the court cards.



image of ace of wands cardWands are another name for clubs in the original playing deck and they also stand for the element of Fire and their cards are about creativity and will.

Ace of Wands – Upright: ability, making something, starting something new, idea, great possibilities. Reversed: someone who has no ambition, is always worried about something, and has stopped trying to finish their goals.

Two of Wands – Upright: advancement, eventual preparation, choices and uncovering things. Reversed: scared of unfamiliar, and not knowing what you’re doing ahead of time.

Three of Wands – Upright: someone who will experience insight, training, and growth. Reversed: someone who is held back, who will experience things that get in the way of their long and short-term goals, and has no mental preparedness.

Four of Wands – Upright: parties, home, family, peace and society. Reversed: disruption in communication or unwelcome change.

Five of Wands – Upright: someone who has a rivalry with another or is in an argument, possibly with stress, disagreement, struggle.  Reversed: someone who wants to stop fighting by agreeing to disagree.  They are distinct.

Six of Wands – Upright: someone who wants to be acknowledged by the public, who wants success and advancement. They are self-assured. Reversed: someone who is pompous and self-absorbed, doesn’t believe in themselves, and is dishonored.

Seven of Wands – Upright: someone who has taken on a task or challenge and will show endurance. Reversed: someone who won’t go through with it because they feel overpowered and beaten. They may also be over cautious and possessive in relationships.

Eight of Wands – Upright: movement at a high rate of motion, fast adjustments, air travel, and motion. Reversed: interruption, holding back, and disappointment.

Nine of Wands – Upright: braveness, adjustability, endurance, but a test of your beliefs. Reversed: overly suspicious, skeptical, and guarding.

Ten of Wands – Upright: anxiety, concern, accountability.  Work hard with future success.

Reversed: someone trying to avoid duty because they have too much on their plate.

Page of Wands – Upright: excited original nonconformist who is always investigating and uncovering new things.  Reversed: person who expects no outcome and has no guidance will have  disappointment to their new beliefs or concepts that they come up with. They will have disappointments to the new things they want to try.

Knight of Wands – Upright: strong emotion, intensity, desire, craving, activity, risky undertaking, and impetuous. Reversed: someone who expects a bad outcome and lacks ambition. Careless, disorganized, discouraged.

Queen of Wands – Upright: caring, energetic, enthusiastic, very persistent. Reversed: Combative, destructive, insistent, and shy.

King of Wands – Upright: natural born ruler, someone who starts their own business, ambitious, and noble. Reversed: careless, impetuous, heartless, someone who has high predictions for those around them.



image of Swords Tarot cardSwords are another name for spades in the original playing deck and they also stand for the element of Air and their cards are about reason.

Ace of Swords – Upright: someone who will experience a win, raw ability, a break -through, and mental certainty.  Reversed: someone without accuracy, who is perplexed and tumultuous.

Two of Swords – Upright: bad premonition of someone who will struggle with uncertainty, a deadlock, a block of emotions, and options. Reversed: bewilderment and being overwhelmed with facts.  Not a good card to draw no matter what.

Three of Swords – Upright: awful breakup, agony, regretful, despair, and giving someone the brush- off.  Reversed:  delivery from physical suffering, and absolution.

Four of Swords – Upright: resting, recovery, meditation, inactivity, and lack of interest. Reversed: no advancement and agitation.

Five of Swords – Upright: stress, fighting, misfortune, deception, and being overthrown. Reversed: past grudges and someone who is open to modification.

Six of Swords – Upright: someone who is sorry and going through a change of status. Reversed: someone who can’t go forward because they have a lot of burdens.

Seven of Swords – Upright: someone who is dishonest and disloyal. Someone who is sly and wants to do something without another’s knowledge. Reversed: someone who is getting clear of mental disputes.

Eight of Swords – Upright: secluded, barred, and confined. Reversed: willing to try new things and new views, and undergoing deliverance.

Nine of Swords – Upright: someone having bad dreams, is discouraged and despondent, or feeling nervous or hopelessness.  Reversed: helpless, discouraged and afflicted.

Ten of Swords – Upright: someone feeling betrayed, beaten, abandoned, that they’ve lost and their relationship is over. Reversed: someone who is getting better but will worries that it won’t go well and there will be an inescapable end.

Page of Swords – Upright: someone who is inquisitive, chatty, and full of life. Reversed: someone who talks a big game but doesn’t actually do anything about it, make pacts that they can’t carry out, and don’t give much thought about what they are doing.

Knight of Swords – Upright: someone who is careless, believes very strongly about something and talks about it, informative and do before thinking. Reversed: willing to break the rules because don’t have concern for them, and feels spread out and disorganized.

Queen of Swords – Upright: quick on their feet, have everything arranged, insightful, and love to be on their own.  Reversed: someone who has too many emotions and is unfeeling.

King of Swords – Upright: someone who is smart, has clout, is strong and wants accuracy. Reversed: someone who shows unkind behavior, is devious and cruel.



image of Ace of Pentacles Tarot cardPentacles are another name for diamonds in the original playing deck and they also stand for the element of Earth and their cards are about the material body or possessions.

Ace of Pentacles – Upright: someone who will have a new monetary circumstance, wealth, and a demonstration of great abundance. Reversed: someone who isn’t prepared mentally or doesn’t plan well, or lost a lucky chance.

Two of Pentacles – Upright: someone who has equality in their life, good time organization, is able to change at will, and knows what their first concern should be. Reversed: someone in monetary disorder and very chaotic and confused.

Three of Pentacles – Upright: someone experiencing first accomplishment with cooperation, association and knowledge.  Reversed: someone who ignores skills and doesn’t have cooperation.

Four of Pentacles – Upright: strength, discipline, ownership, protection, and moderation. Reversed: excessively desires, thinks mainly about physical things, and worried about self-protection.

Five of Pentacles – Upright: uncertain about oneself, secluded, anxious, financially hurt Or, losing money.  Reversed: someone getting over fiscal or spiritual loss.

Six of Pentacles – Upright: someone who is giving, generous, altruistic, successful and affluent. Reversed: greedy, thinks only of themselves and what they can get from people, and owes money to others.

Seven of Pentacles – Upright: diligence, perception, someone who will receive gain, money and assets. Reversed: doesn’t have long-term perception and will have restricted accomplishments or accolades.

Eight of Pentacles – Upright: someone who will begin training and will experience and advantage or captivation about their undertaking. Reversed: someone who is a stickler, always wanting everything perfect, doesn’t have a strong desire for success, and can’t concentrate.

Nine of Pentacles – Upright: someone who is spontaneous, indulgent and extravagant, and knows how to take care of themselves. Reversed: someone who has had or will have a monetary misfortune, and will over spend in their work.

Ten of Pentacles – Upright: money, possessions gained through someone’s death, organization, withdraw from work, and family. Reversed: going through monetary loss, lack of success, and isolation.

Page of Pentacles – Upright: possibility of new employment. Reversed: no gain or advancement due to short term concentration.

Knight of Pentacles – Upright: habit, opposition to change, effectiveness, or precise. Reversed: someone who feels stranded, uninterested, and indifferent.

Queen of Pentacles – Upright: someone who is ordinary, caring, realistic, matter of fact, and protected.  Reversed: someone unstable in work and family obligations.

King of Pentacles – Upright: someone who is safe, in command, strong, prepared, and generous. Reversed: overbearing, brutal and commanding.



image of ace of cups Tarot cardCups or Chalices are another name for hearts in the original playing deck and they also stand for the element of Water and their cards are about emotions and  love.

Ace of Cups – Upright: tender feelings, love, overpowering emotions, and artistry. Reversed: inhibited or obstructed emotions

Two of Cups – Upright: alliance, appeal, and united love.

Reversed: inequality in a relationship leading to breaking up, and no cooperation between two people.

Three of Cups – Upright: companionship, parties, artistry, and association. Reversed: prevented artistry, cheating on your love, and too many people around.

Four of Cups – Upright: feelings of reflection, indifference, contemplation and reconsidering. Reversed: someone who is uninterested, has been remote and distant, and feels they have lost a lucky chance.

Five of Cups – Upright: someone who suffered misfortune, feels heartache, letdown, and hopelessness.  Reversed: someone who has gone on and shown consent and absolution.

Six of Cups – Upright: someone who is recollecting their childhood, feeling sentimental, and blamelessness.  Reversed: someone who isn’t practical, too trusting and is stranded in the past.

Seven of Cups – Upright: someone living in a dream world, who daydreams, and has an excessive fantasy world, and has wishful thinking. Reversed: alluring distraction, takes detour strategies, and deception.

Eight of Cups – Upright: letdown, prevention, and desertion. Reversed: despair or walking away without a goal or wandering without direction or purpose

Nine of Cups – Upright: contentment, desires, bliss, and accomplishment. Reversed: unhappy in life, gluttony, and desire for possessions.

Ten of Cups – Upright: marriage, tranquility, and bliss. Reversed: broken marriage or values not lining up together.

Page of Cups – Upright: the start of something artistic, a coincidence in time, and someone who brings good news.  Reversed: artistic block, someone who is feeling childish.

Knight of Cups – Upright: someone coming to deliver you from danger, allure, love affair, and intense fantasy.  Reversed: someone who is crabby, impractical and envious.

Queen of Cups – Upright: someone who is allowing serenity in their life, feeling safe, and kindness. Reversed: someone who has an unhealthy psychological reliance on another person, afraid and apprehensive.

King of Cups – Upright: someone who is equalized and fair, and has mastery of their emotions and themselves physically. They are also very giving. Reversed: someone who is crabby, explosive and emotionally devious.