The Chariot Tarot Card

Traditional Meaning – The Chariot card represents someone who can conquer anything.

The following positive keywords are associated with this card:

  • Assertiveness
  • Change
  • Good news
  • Self-belief
  • Movement
  • Triumph

It can also be associated with the following negative keywords:

  • Arrogance
  • Delays
  • Frustration
  • Over-inflated ego
  • Rage
  • Selfishness
  • Tyranny

Variations:  Can you think of someone is who is confident, enthusiastic and doesn’t let anything stand in their way?

When this card appears in a reading, clients are usually advised to sustain their efforts if ever they are currently facing a struggle; this is because The Chariot is a sign that conflicts will be ending victoriously. It also signals the possibility of unexpected good news and highlights the importance of believing in their abilities. The card also indicates change and travel (since a chariot is a vehicle). It could even mean that they’ll be getting the car that they want!

However, The Chariot could also mean that the client or an influential person that they know is being
arrogant, selfish, and a bully. It could also mean possible frustrating events, delays on whatever it is that they’re expecting, or travel plans that didn’t turn out the way they want it to be.

A Deeper Look: Control, self-discipline, and rapid movement are the key words for The Chariot. The Charioteer holds the reins and is in complete control of the situation even though the pace is so brisk it could be staggering for a lesser person. As you can tell from the image, The Chariot is a very powerful card and this can be an extremely intense time in the person’s life. Clearly, the man holding the reins is burly and strong with a tremendous amount of power and energy under his hands. His facial expression shows extreme focus on what he is doing.

There is a recurring theme of crescent moons in several places on the card. The crescent moon symbolizes the female aspect of energy while the figure’s chest armour bears the sun, the reflection of the male energy aspect. The essence of duality also manifests in the animals that pull The Chariot: they are black and white. Mirror images of one another, they are equal in all ways, but opposite, like the yin and the yang. Although they face different directions, showing their opposing natures and ways of dealing with things, the reins the driver uses pull them into positive, productive usage despite their differences.

When the Chariot card appears, we know that a great deal of power and energy is at play in our lives and moves skilfully and urgently toward its exact goal. Although the power is intense, the energies are balanced and meticulously controlled, which means that the result of what is transpiring right now should be dynamic and effective.

The Chariot tells the client to trust what happens, despite the fearsome speed. They should not resist the forward momentum and will arrive safely at their destiny provided they do not panic. With this Tarot card reading, the client should rein in their energy and apply it well, knowing they are moving unerring toward their greatest good. They may even enjoy the ride once they lose the fearfulness. In a less esoteric reading, The Chariot can actually predict a vehicle, a journey, or trip.

image of Chariot Tarot CardQuick Reference for The Chariot Tarot Card

Association: Associated with Cancer.

Keyword: Spirit

General Meanings: Connection with the divine. Being on the right path. Help from above. Balance moves us forward. Travel.

Love: A good match – maybe destiny.

Health: Improving – chest and breasts.

Money: Comes from respecting spirit and expansion.

Spirit: Being on the right road.


Strength Tarot Card

Traditional Meaning – Strength symbolizes good use of energy and passion to achieve your goals.

Some of the positive associations with this card are as follows:

  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Fortitude
  • Patience
  • Strength
  • Triumph
  • Willpower

On the other hand, The Strength card can also have the following negative associations:

  • Cowardice
  • Defeat
  • Fear
  • Inertia
  • Loss of opportunity

Variations: This person has control over his own mind and physical body.

The presence of the Strength card does not only refer to physical strength. It also signifies the person’s ability to overcome immense pressure and be successful in the end. If health is one area that the client is currently experiencing a problem, this card could represent quick recovery. This is also true if the person is thinking of quitting from unhealthy habits; the card also indicates that it’s about time that they start doing so. Strength also indicates success on many things; this also includes internal issues such as overcoming relationship or career problems, or being protected from jealousy and ignorance.

Unfortunately, the card also carries negative associations such as insecurity or giving up because of fear. It could also warn the person that they might miss important opportunities; thus, they should not give up, especially if they think that they’re close to accomplishing what they want.

A Deeper Look: Usually this card shows a tranquil-looking man or woman who has tamed a rather imposing lion. Strength reminds us of the power we all have to quiet the savage beast inside us. Sometimes our emotions and the drama of a situation can carry us away and when that happens, the lion in the image has gotten terribly out of control.

The lion in the image above looks not only placated, but also happy, which tells us that with skill and patience, we can find peace with our own self-discipline. His tail tucked meekly between his legs, the beast shows his complete submissiveness to the controlling human who is closing his mouth. The infinity sign over the figure’s head tells us that this is a fluid, eternal process of self-mastery. There will be slip-ups and disappointments, but we accomplish ongoing, continual progress overall.

The Strength card counsels us to maintain a calm and serene attitude and quietly, but firmly, bring the problem in question into control. Violence, hysterics, and depression will only escalate the problem. Feed your lion sugar cubes, sing him a pretty song, tickle him under the chin, and soon your calm and peaceful attitude will pay off. The appropriate action at this time is to stay relaxed, smile a lot, and show no signs of distress. Are the mountains blocking the client’s path in the background really molehills? If so, he or she must pull up to full height and step over them. Emotions are secondary in importance now and only serve to compound the problem. The client must eliminate drama and allow peaceful wisdom and patience to prevail.

image of the Strength Tarot CardQuick Reference for The Strength Tarot Card

Association: Associated with Leo.

Keyword: Strength

General Meanings: Purity taming the beast. The joy of strength exercised. A sexual relationship. Passion in any area.

Love: Chemical attraction.

Health: Increasing – exercise is important – circulatory system.

Money: Profit comes from hard work.

Spirit: Be pure.


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