The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Traditional Meaning

The Hanged Man symbolizes  a person  who  is “hung up” in their life and for whom nothing seems to change.

The following positive keywords are associated with this card:

  • Deliverance
  • Flexibility
  • Rebirth
  • Release
  • Transition

It can also be associated with the following negative keywords:

  • Easily influenced
  • Inflated ego
  • Lack of willpower
  • Martyrdom
  • Materialism


Sometimes you  need  to look at things from a different perspective. Changing your routine may be the first step needed.

This Tarot card reading is most often the symbol of self-sacrifice, and it pertains to either emotional or material self-sacrifice. This gives the individual an ability to adjust to different circumstances. The card also signifies a “pause” in the person’s life, and that they should remain in this state until someone or something is sacrificed for greater gain. Another concept represented by this card would be anxiety, stress, and ill health, and somehow implies that the person should be patient until such has passed.

Unfortunately, The Hanged Man can also represent selfishness, as well as “looking like a martyr” so that they could have leverage over others. It can also be associated with a weak willpower, which could lead them in the wrong path and result in missing crucial opportunities.


When this card is reversed, it indicates that the client is attempting to force a situation into development before it is ready. This is not a time to rush things or push for a resolution. Regardless of the perceived urgency, the client should pull back and regroup. Remain calm, patient, and do not waste energy.

A Deeper Look:

In most decks, the Hanged Man hangs upside down from a tree by his ankle. He does not seem to be in great distress; he simply cannot move forward. In fact, when the card is reversed, he almost looks as though he is dancing in place. His legs form an inverted number four, which is the number of balance and stability. The figure wears a shirt of brilliant blue, the color of peace and tranquility. This compliments the red of his leggings, which represents the passion he feels to get moving again.

In this imagery, the Hanged Man leads by example, showing the client that although his ability to advance remains restricted by some means, there is no need for distress. The individual should be at peace and learn that there is contentment in waiting. Sometimes, the world must turn a time or two without our influence to find its perfect rhythm.

This card indicates a blessed state of suspension in which the client cannot press forward. The individual must still the mind and breathe, keeping the focus on the sacred “now” and finding the perfection in non-activity. When it is again time to move forward, the client will know.


image of the Hanged Man Tarot CardQuick Reference for The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Association: Associated with Water

Keyword: Stuck

General Meanings: Being stuck due to attachment. The need top sacrifice something one wants. The descent of the divine into matter. Martyrdom, loss, despair. Lack of perspective.

Love: Stay or go – decide.

Health: Problems – needs to detoxify.

Money: Stuck – no change without making big change.

Spirit: Give up what your ego wants.


The Justice Tarot Card

Traditional Meaning

The Justice card represents the ability to evaluate circumstances and make a fair decision.

Some of the positive associations with this card are as follows:

  • Arbitration
  • Balance
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Responsibility
  • Truth

It can also be associated with the following negative keywords:

  • Bad advice
  • Bad judgment
  • Bias
  • Injustice
  • Prejudice


This is someone who can establish balance and harmony. They also have a desire for truth and justice.

If this card is included in a reading, it represents fairness and equality when it comes to dealing with others. This is a good sign for areas where such is important; this includes business deals and partnerships. This also signifies that a wrong committed to the client in the past will be corrected, or it could also mean that they are in search of justice for another person.

However, the card could also signify injustice. This simply means that the client might not get what is due for them; some situations include business deals that do not favor both parties, and not getting the expected legal decisions even if they think that they’re right. It could also mean that they may get bad advice or receive bad judgment.


This is a learning period where an unfair or unjust influence is at work in the life of the client. Little compensation is coming for what the client’s hardships, but it is important to know that Karma keeps track of everything. What the person is going through now could be the result bad choices or sloppy work on their own part. If the client has behaved in good spirit and is certain their persecution is unjust, they should rest assured that their oppressor will also eventually receive their own karmic return.

A Deeper Look:

Three cards in the Tarot are “Karma cards” that bring the forces of Karma and the Law of Returns into play in the client’s life: The Wheel of Fortune, Justice, and Judgment. The influence of The Wheel of Fortune brings with it a more directed influence of fate, while Justice and Judgment tend more toward the promise of reaping what we sow. In the case of Justice and Judgment, the situation is likely the direct result of previous actions, for the good or the bad, taken by the client. It may even be that good intentions brought unexpected results.

When the Justice card is upright, the outcome is typically in favor of the client and even if the circumstances involved currently look dismal, the ultimate result will be favorable. The individual is to wait and allow matters to unfold to see the complete results.

Like the High Priestess, the figure on the Justice card has a veil draped behind him/her, which means that influences are at work of which the client is unaware. Also like the High Priestess, the veil hangs between two solid pillars, indicating a firmness and balance to the process. The theme of balance continues to reflect in the scales the figure holds.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that what the client believes to be a fair and just decision or conclusion to the situation may be different from what happens. Justice tends to be unbiased in its fairness, so what The Universe deem “fair” may look different than what the person feels is fair. Regardless, the assurance is that when the decision comes, it will be the most objective resolution available under the circumstances.

image of the Justice Tarot CardQuick Reference for
The Justice Tarot Card

Association: Associated with Libra

Keyword: Truth

General Meanings: Balance and a return to balance. Legal troubles. Look before you leap. Karmic law.

Love: Problems – divorce.

Health: Need to find harmony with body – kidneys.

Money: Make sure to get legal advice.

Spirit: Balance life & Spirit.


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