Each deck of tarot cards contains 78 cards that feature different illustrations that may be interpreted different ways depending on how the cards are laid and what other cards are laid out.

The earliest known tarot cards date back to the 15th century in Italy. It is believed that tarot started out as a card game and was only played by the upper classes but after the printing press was invented the cards became widely available.

Even though tarot cards started out as a card game, in the 18th century they became linked to the occult as well as mystical activities. This began with a free mason in 1781 who claimed that the cards contained hidden messages and they could be used for seeing future events.

Tarot Cards Misconceptions

image of ace of pentacles tarot cardSince then many other groups have claimed that tarot cards have mystical powers as well as the ability to tell of future events. When many people think about tarot cards they think about the scenes we see in movies. A young girl walks into a dark room with cloth covering the walls and old woman comes out sits in a chair and deals a set of cards.

As the young girls sits nervously shaking the old woman’s crooked finger points and drops to the death card. This is not how it works ever. Many people who don’t understand tarot would automatically assume that this reading would mean the girl was going to die but as you will learn later in this book a death card does not always mean death.

Before we move any further there are a few misconceptions about tarot cards that I think we should clear up first. The first misconception is that only psychics can read tarot cards. This is false. Anyone who wants to read tarot cards can do so. You don’t have to have any special gift or ability. All you need is simply a willingness to learn what the cards mean when laid out in a spread.

Purpose of Tarot Cards

The purpose of reading tarot cards is not all about telling your future. Sometimes the tarot cards can tell you what is going to happen but the true purpose of a tarot card reading is to help you understand the outcome of your current situation if you continue the same path you are on right now. Let’s look at it this way, if you have a love interest and you get a reading that says if you continue on this path you are currently on you will push this love interest too far, too fast, therefore completely pushing them away you would know to change the path you are currently on.

Tarot is a way to help put your decisions in check and to ensure you are on the right path in order to obtain the outcome you desire.

Types of Tarot Readings

image of the Two Cups Tarot CardThere are two different types of tarot readings. The first type is an open reading, this means you are looking for general guidance, it does not focus on a specific issue. Most of the time you will use a question based reading, which focuses on one specific issue that you are facing in your life. Both types of readings are very powerful but an open reading will give you more information towards your life in general.

A question based reading will simply focus on that one question you are looking to be answered which is great as well but many times you can miss out on vital information that is needed in your life.

Often people will already have the answer to their question before they have a question based tarot reading done this will only cause you to receive the same answer you already have through the reading. It is best even if you already have an answer to keep you mind as open as possible. If you can keep your mind open during a reading it is possible for you to receive a different answer to your question than what you believe is correct.

For example, you may think that it is best for you to switch jobs because you will make more money and have more time off. If you focus on what you think, that this is a good move for you this will be the answer you will receive, however if you open your mind to the fact that you may be wrong and you want to know what you should do than you may find that this is not the best move for you because it will cause more stress in or life and you will be taking on more than you can handle.

Question Based Tarot Readings

When you are using a question based reading you have to maintain a balance when it comes to the amount of detail in your question. Of course, you do want to give enough detail to get the answers you need but you do not want to ask such a detailed question that it only leaves the possibility of one answer.

You also need to make sure the question is asked in a positive manner. For example, don’t ask why you have not been given a promotion but ask what you can do in order to help you receive a promotion.

In an open reading, you do not have as much direction but you can still direct the reading to one specific area in your life such as your career, your relationships or your family but that is as far as you can go in an open reading.