The Best Free & Paid Tarot Training Courses Online

We have put together our list of the Top 10 best Tarot learning and training courses that are available online.

Truly Teach Me Tarot – Free Online Course

Truly Teach Me Tarot – Free Tarot Training

A complete and in-depth self-study course.

  • Three parts to the course: THE MINOR ARCANA,THE COURT CARDS & THE MAJOR ARCANA .

  • Ideal learning course for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

  • Updated regularly and the most in-depth free Tarot learning course available online.


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Learning The Tarot – Free Online Course

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Learning The Tarot – Free Tarot Learning Course

A self-paced series of 19 lessons.

  • Lessons mainly for beginners, but with some useful information for more experienced tarot readers.
  • This course can also be downloaded for use offline.
  • The on-line version uses an illustrated version of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Pleasure of Tarot – Free Tarot Learning Course

Pleasure of Tarot – Free Tarot Learning Course

12 lesson Tarot course.

  • This course offers a basic introduction to the Tarot cards.

  • Includes a breakdown of the different cards and end of lesson quizzes.

  • Ideal free learning online resource for people new to Tarot.


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Learn Tarot in a Day – Free Online Course

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Learn Tarot in a Day – Free Tarot Training

Uses a story method for Tarot learning.

  • Six stories set out as lessons to help you learn Tarot reading.

  • Lessons include Major Arcana, Swords and Cups, The Court Cards and more.

  • A unique and fast approach to learning.

Tarot Teachings – Free Learning Resource

Tarot Teachings – Free Tarot Training

Articles on learning the Tarot.

  • Useful introductions on Major Arcana, Royal Arcana cards etc.

  • Includes information  on Tarot symbols and Numerology.

  • Some good and informative articles for people new to Tarot.


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Tarot Elements – Free Learning Resource

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Tarot Elements – Free Tarot Training

Series of online Tarot tutorials.

  • Free tutorials including Elemental Dignities and Celtic Cross Spread.

  • There is an in-depth Tarot card counting tutorial on the site.

  • Updated regularly and useful for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

Professional Tarot Reader from Scratch

Professional Tarot Reader from Scratch – Paid Tarot Course

2.5 hour video training course.

  • Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.
  • 27 walk-through online video lectures.

  • Easy astrological system for working with the court cards and minor arcana.

Visit Udemy Tarot from scratch

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Master the Tarot Card Meanings

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Master the Tarot Card Meanings – Paid Tarot Course

7 training modules with video lessons and workbook.

  • Instructions on how to easily remember the 78 Tarot card meanings.
  • Course includes over 10 hours of in-depth Tarot classes.

  • Paid course with a certificate of completion at the end.


The Alternative Tarot Course

The Alternative Tarot Course – Paid Tarot Learning

Eight-week online Tarot course.

  • Journal based course taught over 8 week period.

  • Course includes the four suits, the major arcana and the court cards.

  • Allows download of printable PDFs and format-free Word docs.


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How to Be a Master at Tarot Reading Online

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Master at Tarot Reading Online – Paid Tarot Course

10 hour online video training course.

  • Udemy Tarot learning course with over 10 hours of training videos.

  • Over 2,150 Students have taken this course and has good reviews.

  • Good course for both Tarot beginners and those with more experience.