The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Traditional Meaning – The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes a new cycle, which brings opportunity and prosperity.

The following positive keywords are associated with this card:

  • Destiny
  • Good luck
  • Movement
  • New cycle
  • Synchronicity
  • Vision

It can also be associated with the following negative keywords:

  • Bad luck (although temporary)
  • Obstacles
  • Unpleasant surprises

Variations:  This could represent moving or a change of jobs or some type of change in circumstances that brings opportunity and optimism.

When this card is shown in the Tarot reading, it is a sign of a new phase in the client’s life. It could also signify good luck. It is destiny that has brought this new phase, and is not because of individual effort. It is also a sign that their current problem is ending and that they’ll be reaping the rewards from all their efforts.

However, having a reversed Wheel of Fortune card signifies the opposite – that is, misfortune or unpleasant situations. However, the person should not lose heart; just like a part of the wheel goes down, it will eventually turn up.

A Deeper Look:  The Wheel of Fortune turns and sometimes we are on top and sometimes we are on the bottom. Sometimes, we are under the Wheel. This card speaks to us about the inevitable forces of fate and chance. When we are on top of the Wheel, we can see far into the distance and the world looks beautiful. The Wheel turns, however, and in time, it will be our turn to be on the bottom near the dirt, holding on for dear life. This tells us that the Wheel really is about cycles and about understanding that regardless of what may come our way, we endure. This message is particularly significant during the hard times and it reminds us that change will come as surely as does the morning.

The Wheel of Fortune brings change that reshapes, subtly or dramatically, the direction life takes and defines a critical juncture that puts us on our correct path. When this card is received, remind the client that if things are good, to put away some of the rewards for more difficult times and if things are tough, relief is on the way. Cycles unerringly bring us to a different place and then back again.

Most importantly, unlike other Major Arcana cards that urge us to make wise decision and listen to our inner voice, this card tells us that the outcome of the current circumstances is not in our hands, but in the hands of The Universe. Nothing in life remains static, so always expect shifts and changes and above all, remain flexible. Remember, the species that survives is not the strongest or the fittest, but the one that best adapts to change.

image of the Wheel Fortune Tarot CardQuick Reference for The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Association: Associated with Jupiter.

Keyword: Change

General Meanings: Change is stability. Carefree fun and amusement. Expansiveness. Good fortune in whatever it is talking about. Random events and synchronicity.

Love: Change

Health: Positive if person is working on it, negative if not – often stress.

Money: Change from current situation.

Spirit: Karma and patterns repeating.


The Hermit Tarot Card

Traditional Meaning – The Hermit symbolizes a need to minimize distractions in order to think and evaluate circumstances.

Some of the positive associations with this card are as follows:

  • Advice Guidance
  • Introspection
  • Patience
  • Solitude

On the other hand, The Hermit can also have the following negative associations:

  • Arrogance
  • Fear
  • Folly
  • Impatience
  • Obstinacy
  • Suspiciousness

Variations: Sometimes you need to get away and think things out.

If the Hermit is present in a reading, it could indicate that the person should carefully consider the decisions that they will make on a certain issue. It also suggests the desire of a person for peace and solitude. The Hermit is a warning that a person should not be hasty with their decisions, and that they should also consider the advice of people before they make up their minds. On health concerns, the card also represents a time for rest and recovery.

However, The Hermit can also be attributed with arrogance and stubbornness, being suspicious, and refusing to implement the advice of others even if it is helpful for them. Other negative attributions with this card include impatience (which leads to making bad decisions) and loneliness.

A Deeper Look: I always feel a little sorry for The Hermit. He lit and lifted his lantern to find his way in the darkness and to seek out his own path through life. Unfortunately, every little moth within a thousand miles saw the light and thought that because The Hermit could see the path, he knew where he was going, so they all came flying. Sometimes, so many moths flock to the light that they block out the light itself so he can no longer see. That is where the wisdom of the Hermit card really takes hold. His counsel is quite simple: “Illuminate the world using your own light from within!” His counsel to providers and teachers is that they should balance their energy to allow time for their own pursuits and journeys as well as guiding those of others. If they give too much, they will no longer be able to see their own path anymore.

While the Hermit is quite mature, experienced, wise, and certainly qualified to teach others, he knows that the answers we all seek must come from our own spirits. All a mentor can offer is guidance. Ultimately, we must make our own choices and remain accountable for the outcomes we create. This means that it is important to know ourselves and “to thine own self be true.” We must be completely and brutally honest with ourselves about the nature of our circumstances, our own level of accountability, and be clear about our motivations and intentions. The lesson of the Hermit is to seek out wise advice, but then retreat into quiet contemplation to make the best decision possible. The client should take time from the hectic rush of life and go within. There, they will find the answers they seek.

image of The Hermit Tarot CardQuick Reference for The Hermit Tarot Card

Association: Associated with Virgo.

Keyword: Seeker

General Meanings: Retirement from the world or isolation. Seeking knowledge inside oneself. Guiding by doing one’s own will. Hands. By silence comes inspiration.

Love: Being alone.

Health: Stomach

Money: Only follow own advice.

Spirit: Retreat – meditate.


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