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Tarot is a wonderful and perceptive life tool. If used correctly, the Tarot is not just predictive but can also transformation in all areas of your life.

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  • The High Priestess and The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

    The High Priestess and The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

    The High Priestess Tarot Card Traditional Meaning The High Priestess represents an intuitive female. She is wise and can influence almost anyone. The following positive keywords are associated with this card: Intuitiveness Mystery Psychic ability The [...]

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Information and statistics about Tarot cards

Tarot cards do not have to be right next to each other to be related. Looking for a pattern in the spread is an ideal way to start.

No. of cards in a Tarot deck
Possible combinations in a 3-card spread
Possible two-card combinations in the Tarot

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Learning Tarot Tips

    The Power & Purpose of Tarot

    You can’t escape the mystic pull of Tarot. Certainly at some point of time we all are drawn towards the higher realms where we try to learn who we really are. This is where Tarot can greatly benefit us in our journey.

    The first steps to learning Tarot are an acquaintance with our own intuitive self. Begin with sharpening your ‘ESP’. The best way to begin is to develop an open-mind, to trust your inner guidance and your gut feel, to be more sensitive to your environment, your feelings, your responses and to prepare yourself to ‘receive’ insights, knowledge and mystical experiences. Go ahead and pay more attention to your dreams, write them down, explore their meanings. Observe nature, your own thoughts and emotions, people. A heightened sense of awareness always leads back to ‘yourself’. Observe yourself. You will find yourself in a peaceful, meditative and tranquil state. This is where the magic begins. Know Thyself.

    Go on and pick up a tarot deck. The most recommended deck to begin with is the Rider Waite. Let the pictures speak to you without the help of any text or guide. Go ahead one at a time. Write down all your experiences and observations. You will find yourself tuning in to the mystic world of tarot. Enjoy it!

    • Tarot readings can be obtained for various areas of life such as: Relationships, Career, Wealth, Spiritual life, Past Life, Soul Purpose..

    • You may ask about any issue in your life for which you require guidance through intuitive consultation.

    • Tarot is best applied as a tool to enhance awareness and achieve transformation based on spiritual guidance.

    • Try to keep the question open ended instead of only Yes or No or When.

    • Remember Tarot is a guide that gives us the messages that we are supposed to get.

    • Tarot guidance is not a substitute for medical, financial, legal or any other specialist advice.

    • Tarot provides information on future probabilities depending on the present energies.

    • Tarot readings may suggest the way ahead with possible remedies and solutions.

    • Tarot readings leave the actual choices and decisions to you.

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    The Hanged Man and Justice Tarot Card Meanings

    The Hanged Man Tarot Card Traditional Meaning The Hanged Man symbolizes  a [...]

    • image of the The High Priestess Empress tarot cards

    The High Priestess and The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

    The High Priestess Tarot Card Traditional Meaning The High Priestess represents an [...]

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    The Emperor and The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

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